Adam McDowell (adammcdowell) wrote in nerdcorenews,
Adam McDowell

Pixar may never make it to the competition

According to Steve Jobs, head of Apple Computers and Pixar Studios, is in talks with Disney to sell Pixar to the entertainment giant.
Such a transaction could potentially be valued at $US6.7 billion, according to Thursday's Wall Street Journal.
Well, there goes Pixar's credibility. Give it a couple more releases before it gets completely worked into the Disney Machine and starts putting out crap like Chicken Little.
I used to say "I should have bought stock in Pixar when it was down at $20/sh" because I had the opportunity. It's over $40/sh now. I wonder what that price will drop to now.
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That will be a sad, sad day for the art world.
Keep in mind that

1. Disney has gutted their animation department over the last five years
2. The buyout agreement places Pixar's people in charge of Disney animation (notably, Disney's creative staff and management are being replaced with people from Pixar)
3. Steve Jobs will soon be Disney's largest shareholder.

I mean, I usually don't want to slow the doomsaying, but from the looks of it, it's not going to be a total disaster....