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AOL, Yahoo! are allowing you to be spammed

One more reason to not use AOL or Yahoo! Mail: They'll allow spam to get through to you, provided the spammer pays a fee.

Companies will have to pay between one-quarter of a cent to a penny for each commercial message they want to send to AOL and Yahoo Mail users. Otherwise, they risk having their emails blocked entirely, delivered late, sent to users’ spam or bulk message folders, or not have the graphics or links in their messages appear.

If the companies pay to join the CertifiedEmail service, however, the messages go straight to users’ inboxes. Goodmail said its service helps protect users from fraudulent messages where the sender disguises his or her true email address, and helps guard against identity theft.

In other words, "We're protecting customers. We're not trying to make an additional proffit. No, really. You want paid junk mail. Guys?"
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