Little Tiny Fish (littletinyfish) wrote in nerdcorenews,
Little Tiny Fish

Streetlight Manifesto rerecords Catch 22.

According to AP Magazine # 213:

It's been rumored for close to two years, and it finally exists: Former Catch 22 frontman Tomas Kalnoky has rerecoreded the 1998 classic-and ska/punk landmark - Keasbey Nights with his new band Streetlight Manifesto. "Making the record was not unlike shitting out peach pits," Kalnoky shares with AP. So, why go through the process, you ask? "We wanted to get it right for once," he says. You'll find all 14 tracks from the original C22 release here, with tighter musicianship and superior production.

First of all, I liked the production of the original C22 release, perhaps better than the first Streetlight release. Secondly, AP magazine is a pretty bad judge of what is good, "tigther," or "superior."
Finally, I'm still very excited to hear this album.
Tags: ska, streetlight manifesto
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