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Nerdcore News

Points of interest in technology, comics, and good ol'fashioned punk rock.

Nerdcore News - Art, comics, punk rock
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Nerdcore News is a moderated community. We want to hear the latest news on technology, comics, and good ol' fashioned punk rock (and other small-label, indie, community, diy-type musics).

When posting news, try to stick to the following format:

  • Informative subject line. DON'T BE VAGUE HERE. Get right to the point.

  • Where did you find the info.

  • A nice, brief summary of what you heard, with a link.

  • Choose an interesting quote. If it's more than two sentences, put it in <blockquote> tags.

  • If you would like, add a brief editorial or opinion. Sarcasm is good. Biting wit better.

  • Please tag with at least one of the following tags: technology, comics, punk rock.

  • Remeber to post links to you sources.

  • Obey the format.