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Marvel Fears Gays

According to

Marvel will not include gay character, The Rawhide Kid, in it's new Western lineup because, according to Joe Quesada, "understand that if we were to go with the gay Kid we would have had to label the books MAX and that's not what we wanted for this event."

Rich Johnston goes on to discuss Marvel's old fashioned, media fearing thoughts on the whole homosexual subject. He also points out that:

Marvel have published a solo series starring a gay character since "Rawhide Kid," namely "Northstar," without warnings. But that was a long time ago - no publicity was courted and none was granted. Clearly things have changed. There will continue to be gay characters in Marvel Universe titles, prominent ones even, such as in "Young Avengers" and "Ultimate X-Men," but don't look for them to take the centre solo stage any time soon.


Right now, DC have plans to publish a Batwoman series, with a lesbian character in the lead. Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" is expected to have a gay subtext about "secret identities" that will be exploded in the publicity. And Joss Whedon is tackling Wonder Woman the movie - a comic that even in its most innocent days never shied too far from its lesbian and bondage themes.
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